Since we don’t like the notion of punishing people who support us early by buying CLARK without hesitation, we will start out with a SPECIAL RELEASE OFFER, instead of dropping the price the next chance we get. We have no clue if it will work from a financial point of view, but it just feels better this way.

Here’s the deal:



Cheers guys!



9 thoughts on “RELEASE DAY SALE

  1. I’m just gonna write this here because I really want you to see this.


    Really Clark? REALLY? You couldn’t think of a more original storyline than the gender-neutral but assumed male hero to chase and rescue after a blatently obviously female (pink with eyelashes) atomic bomb that is placed into the role of Damsel in Distress? REALLY? I thought you were doing a semily good job to keep all the robots as gender neutral as possible. And I wouldn’t even mind if there were only “male” robots in the game. There is no voice acting after all. The idea of gender can be left to the player. But wtf Clara? Couldn’t it have been a normal nuclear missile called Steve? Or whatever? Or a completely gender neutral name with comedic effect? Nuky the Nuke? It had to be Clara? She had to be pink? She HAD to have eye lashes? Sorry, I really like your game, I think about 1/4 (?) through now. But this is just ridiculous. Of course it’s your creative freedom to do whatever the fuck you want. But don’t you think the clichee of a female damsel in distress has been done to death?

    This is obviously critique but not about the game itself but rather some story choices you make. For me it just takes away a bit of the fun because it reminds me of every cheese damsel in distress plot..EVER. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Hey Katharina,

      I think you’ve got some good points. *sighs*
      In many ways, we were unhappy with the whole fucking female damsel in distress issue, right from the beginning (the character “Clara” came in fairly late in the process, before that, Clark just had to save the drones, which -unfortunately- are much cuter than her but we felt we needed one character in particular that the player could focus on). That’s why throughout the game, there is very little helpless Clara and instead a lot of fairly helpless Clark, trying to find her.
      Eventhough there are some … ehm- slightly unpolished dialogs, Clark is not the typical male hero of the game and Clara isn’t the girl in need of protection. If this doesn’t become clear when playing through the game, ist’s because we fucked up the way we tell the story (or the detailling of the dialogues) due to lack of experience and time, not because we had the Mario-and-the-Princess shit on our minds while writing.
      Thanks for your feedback though, I wanted to go over some of the dialogues again anyways; with you bringing it up now, I’ll definitely do it.


      • Hey there Felix,

        thanks for your lengthy reply. It’s highly appreciated and probably a bonus of contacting an indie studio ๐Ÿ˜‰
        It’s good to hear that you didn’t have the damsel in distress plot in mind while writing. Just wanted to point out how the story seemed to me. I’ll be looking forward to the next patch or so when you change the dialoges and see how it changes.

        Also yes, the drones are insanely cute. I think you should look for an artist on and see if someone can turn the drones into a plushy. It’d make a good addition besides my Zergling/ baneling plush from Blizzcon 12 and my limited Charr plushy from Guild Wars 2 ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Hey Katharina,
          I’ve just finished the German Translation and think it’s much cooler now (though I have to say that there is kind of a twist in the Original version as well, making it hard to really see Clara as helpless.)
          Anyway thanks a lot for your input. The next update will still have an unchanged text in English but I hope I can look into it soon.
          Oh and: have you played it till the end? Would love to get your feedback on that.


  2. The game is great – I like the music and the graphics a lot, and the puzzles are super! Sometimes they are really difficult, which is something missing from many puzzle games.

    And then– there’s the tankbots. It’s like someone said to me: “Yo! I see you like solving puzzles! How about you solve these -with a lethal ray pointed to your head!!”. So much pressure! I like it ๐Ÿ˜€

    My only criticisms so far would be that the main character’s animations could have a bit more detail (and thow in an idle animation too) and resorting to the Damsel in Distress clichรฉ.

    I am currently ~25% into the total game I think, so far everything is fantastic.

    Many congrats!
    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

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