Update: New Game Elements, finished second Chapter.

We’ve completed building and lighting all seven levels of the second chapter (plus two levels that had been postponed). Clark will go through a night and day cycle in this outdoor theme; starting in the morning, proceeding through the day and night before leaving the wasteland at dawn. Here’s some new shots of the recently finished levels …

Hernan put a lot of love into lighting each level individually, giving each of them a unique color flavour. Meanwhile, we have worked on the missing audio tracks for the ambient and put SFX into all existing levels. Maria has modelled all the basic assets like walls, pipes, floors, environment and some props for the final mother ship theme and we are ready to start putting together the first levels of these last missing four. Matthias coded new behavious for three different antagonists: the Hovers™, the Dark Drones™ and the Guardians™, Marco and I just finished building and preffabbing them. These new enemies are pretty vicious. the Hovers are fast-moving menaces who will -once they’ve spotted you- hunt you down and roast you with their short-range zappers. The Dark Drones are passive but will alarm Hovers when Clark gets too close. These two in combination allow for some awesome hide-and-seek stealth puzzles where the player has to learn their patterns of movement before he quickly rushes past them in the right moment. The Guardians are lazy robots who are sitting on switches. The only way to deactivate the connected energy barriers is to shoot them off the switch. But rather do it from a distance, cause they, too are equipped with the Zapper gun …


Vossi and now also Hernan are working on new puzzles with these elements and have started to assemble them already. Matthias finished coding some fancy laser portals that will allow for some super mind-boggling spacial laser bending puzzles.

We are as productive as ever and are positive about our progress so far.
Oh and Clark explodes now, too … 🙂

Unity 2013-07-26 12-37-18-54_explode


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