Clark at OUYA Park!

IMG_0005The first images from OUYA Park next to the E3 just got in. Our friend Linus was in Los Angeles and managed to sneak in a couple of hours at OUYA’s parking lot occupation party, short: OUYA park. There he presented CLARK, talked to gamers (see image ->) aswell as the guys and gals working on the kickstarted android console that will go into retail later this month.

CLARK was featured on a couple of pretty big banners all over the place and from what we hear from Linus, the feedback from the OUYA team and those who gave it a try and played it at one of the bis screens there was very positive.

So, after we feared that CLARK would not be shown at all (the was a bit of a communication issue with the OUYA team; one can imagine that they were all pretty stressed out because of the E3) it all turned out to be fine.

Well, … we could have thought of printing some flyers though …



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