A debut that’s easy on the ears…

… and another friendly hello!

I hereby declare my debut to this blog and also th the game-audio-world. I’m Philipp, the latest entry to the Golden Tricycle Team and i’m here to complete the audoivisual experience of CLARK the game.


In this blog i’ll post about the overall layout of how the games audio works, as well as the details. We here at the Golden Tricycle think that the process of designing a game becomes more interesting for the audience as well as for ourselves if we open it up the most we can. We would like to share our experiences with an interested public, to discuss different aproaches and really get in touch with other peoples thoughts. So feel heavily invited to leave comments and share your thoughts, whatever they are!

A machine that whistles

When i arrived at the Golden Tricycle, the first thing i said to my fellow co-designers is that i find it dead and uninteresting to have the game just play some two or three tracks in the background. I wanted to create an experience where the sound of the world you are wandering in is constantly shifting between music and the ambient-sounds of a factory (since CLARK takes place in a factory site). The machines you hear become the music of the game. I want this to happen smoothly while you explore the levels and to adapt to the players motion. I want to have an interactive game driving audio environment that’s more than just a soundtrack, a world that has an immersive and appealing sound, that shifts to music and backwards and thus rounds off the in-world experience.

Soon i will blog about the technical side of things here, how i set out to do all the stuff i just talked about…

That’s all for now, folks!



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