What The Blog!

Time to say hello!

We are three berlin-based guys who joined forces to develop our first video game. Currently we are working on CLARK, a grid base 3D adventure game for mobile devices. CLARK combines complex spacial puzzles with arcade style action elements. We’re working on it for half a year now, and are proud to finally present our first set of playable levels. This Alpha features three stages with a variety of puzzles, challanging enemy AI, parametric sound design and dynamic 3D graphics. It serves as a proof of concept for gameplay, controls and atmosphere. As we are rookies in this field of work we are heavily dependent on your suggestions and criticism to improve our game. We want to open up the design process and invite you to take part in this exciting endevour. We are starting the feedback sessions these days and are anxious for your input.

Your comments are greatly appreciated!


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