Meet Clark!

Screenshots of the current development build of CLARK:

GoldenTricycle screenshot from CLARK the Game

GoldenTricycle screenshot from CLARK the Game

CLARK is our first shot at developing a mobile game. We are currently testing the first playable levels and want to show you some screenshots of the game running on actual devices.

In the middle of the screen you can see a small yellow figure… that’s Clark our main character, a simple, hard-working industrial robot. Clark loves boxes – and order. The only thing he did during his entire existence is putting boxes – in order. He would probably have continued his well-structured work for another 200 years, if the factory’s core control unit hadn’t decided to shut down the inefficient production plant. Trying to repair the disassembled parts in his close environment Clark suddenly finds himself fighting a much greater chaos. As he continues his sorting routine our small forklift bot unknowingly initiates a revolt against the ongoing recycling of his generation.

Help Clark to survive the dangers of a collapsing factory. Try to escape the next-gen cleansing bots and to rescue his fellows from the trashyard.

If everything works out we will release CLARK for smartphones and tablet for both iOS and Android simultaneously. But there is still lots of work to do… We will keep you updated.

Matthias (Coder for Golden Tricycle)


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