Code Monkey

Hi, this is Matthias working on the script framework for CLARK. I will reguarly post about the progress of this aspect of our game development.

CLARK is developed using the Unity engine. This amazing  tool provides a framework for realizing complex 3D graphics, game physics and audio. It does pretty much all the low level tasks for us, so we are free to concentrate on the game mechanics. Using this software we are also able to develop cross-platform. CLARK is going to be released on iOS and Android. I think we will also do a stand-alone for MacOS and Windows – if we finish the game that is…

The red caterpillar on the image below is what I am currently fighting. He is a nasty laser bot, an enemy which you’ll first meet in third stage of our test build. I have just given him enough brains to seek and destroy Clark quickly – well, I found myself not being able to escape this guy. That’s how it goes with children… We will reduce his power to fit the entry levels after we let him loose on our first testers just once.

Read more about our enemy component framework …


One thought on “Code Monkey

  1. I want to play it again! The three levels are a great appetizer. Luckily it is really fun in itself to just move Clark around the levels, which serves my non-too-efficient gaming style – I much rather go ahead and see what happens if I move a block here and put it over there than plan too much ahead. Very nice experience, but I agree – the learning curve is a bit steep with that asshole Laser-Bot. Wish Clark had a laser, too…

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